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About this Project

I would like to attach something more special to this project, but there really isn't. I had to particular goals when it came to this project: expand my knowledge of programming/AWS services and record comments that just annoy me.

The comment that started this for me is this. When I first started working on this bot it was designed as a flag, one would reply to the comment they wanted to flag and use the term !DroneRPS. The "drone" aspect of it came from that comment and how much it annoyed me.

Eventually the project grew into a bot that functioned through private messages (essentially flagging the comments anonymously).

This site is serverless!

In the interest of learning and the particular characteristics of the project, I have made this serverless. You're probably wonder what serverless means because there is obviously a server.

Originally the project was run on an EC2 instance. Simply put, it's a linux box that constantly runs on the internet. Since I pay for it on a per hour basis, 95% of the time it just sits idle. Most of the time I'm paying for nothing.

Making this serverless was a process of migrating to a Lambda scheduled task, storing information in a DynamoDB and eventually processing data into static HTML in an S3 bucket. This turns a server running 24/7 into a few thousand milliseconds of processing.

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