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Libertarian Reddit Bot: What is it?

Whenever I see a comment on Reddit by a libertarian that I think is stupid, I flag it. Originally this was designed as a flag model, but it has gone private. This means that the person with the flagged comment will not realize it was flagged. Essentially, it documents the retardation of libertarians of reddit.

Currently this bot is in alpha development. This means that I'm the only user that can use it. I hope to eventually get this to a place where others can flag comments, but it certainly won't be an honor system type project!

Naturally, the AP chose an outdated fat picture of him from several years ago. Well done.

itsasecretoeverybody | Permalink

First, off, I've never claimed to be a full on libertarian. There's aspects of the party I like, and some I don't. But to the issue, what is the product/service you think ISPs offer? I'm under the assumption it is a connection to the internet. And nobody owns the internet, so nobody should be allowed to censor it. Are you arguing in favor of censorship? Maybe you're the one lacking consistency.

zachalicious | Permalink

Last time we had states trying to leave, the president thought genocide was the proper response.

LC_Music | Permalink

He's been Trending tops on Facebook as well. Word is getting out, people are starting to pay attention to the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson.

NMSportster | Permalink

Of course CNN is going to give some promo to the libertarian ticket this year, because libertarian candidates will pull more voters from republican candidates than democrat candidates. If it's a tight race between Trump and Clinton expect a big push for Johnson in the media.

MismatchCrabFellatio | Permalink

Why eliminate net neutrality at all? I should be able to view whatever content I want at the speeds I was advertised. Why should ISPs be allowed to tell me what content I can and can't view?

zachalicious | Permalink

We have butt heads many times. But you are bang on in this thread. Drones are the most cowardly thing I have ever heard of and the use of which is nothing more than terrorism. It is such a cowardly act that the operators regularly kill themselves because of the shame of it.

Ashlir | Permalink

I voted Bernie in the primary. Never in my life did I see myself ever voting democrat, or socialist. But I have every intention of voting Gary.

Neebat | Permalink

If we allow ISPs to throttle competitor traffic, it would be disastrous to the Internet and to the economy. Good luck creating a new search engine when ISPs are legally allowed to throttle your traffic in favor of their own search engines. Or throttle Netflix to favor their own competing service. Net neutrality merely creates an even playing field for all content providers to compete. I don't find this to be inconsistent with Libertarian ideals and philosophy.

kak09k | Permalink

The government is not accountable to people. Furthermore, it is the government that allows for bankruptcy and corporate asset protection, so...

dootyforyou | Permalink

Bitcoin is backed by trust in the system. The trust is put in the proof of work algorithm, and the value on the token that is produced is a reflction on that trust. This is a very basic explanation of it, but if you (or anyone) are interrested in going more in depth i would gladly discuss it more :)

MetaSikander | Permalink

Democracy has some good points. I just don't think that voting is one of them. I think there are methods of selecting officeholders that don't require democracy, while keeping all the good points. Select everyone by lottery.

NoMoreNicksLeft | Permalink

Feudalism is actually better than most systems.

DeAristoi | Permalink


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